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Electrocardiógrafo de 1 canal
Electrocardiógrafo de 1 canal
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Infusion Pump
Infusion Pump
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Carro de paro
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Multiparameter Patient Monitor
Multiparameter Patient Monitor
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Monitor Defibrillator Biphasic
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Multiparameter Patient MonitorElectrocardiógrafo de 1 canal

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Infusion Pump

Infusion Pump

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· Easy to use, high quality infusion pump.

· Horizontal structure, effectively prevent liquid penetration into the pump; it can be fixed on the pole, or placed on the desk or on the medical trolley.

· More accurate, due to smart pulsation compensation done by a double micro unit processed, resulting in the actual flow rate is more uniform.

· Preheat function of the infused solution.

· When opening the pump door, with dark environment, the pump automatically turns on a light that lets you change the set or work on the infusion pump without turning on the ambient light.

· The pump has a simple system for calibrating infusion set various, from different brands or models of 20 drops/ml or 60 drops/ml and can be left up to 9 different calibrations recorded for different sets.

· Silent and vibration-free operation, because the pump is equipped with a motor of high quality.

· Four types of infusion mode: Speed mode, Drip mode, Body Weight mode and Time mode.

· Alarm panel high brightness.

· High definition LCD display.

· On screen display of the function controlled or in progress.

· Ultrasonic bubble sensor of high sensitivity.

· The pump includes a pressure sensor that allows adjustment of three levels of occlusion pressure..

· Drip sensor.

· Nurse call interface.

· Input for external DC power supply.

· Menu in english and other languages.





Infusion Flow Rate IV set of 20 drop/ml: 0.1ml/h ~ 1500ml/h.

                                     1 drop/min ~ 350 drop/min.

IV set of 60 drop/ml: 0.1ml/h ~ 200ml/h.

                                     1 drop/min ~ 200 drop/min.

(When the rate is between 0.1ml h ~ 99,9ml/h, the infusion

flow rate is increased by 0.1ml/h. When the rate is above

100 ml/h, the infusion flow rate is increased by 1 ml/h).


Acumulated Total Quantity When the rate is between 0.1ml/h ~ 9999ml/h, the infusion flow rate steadily increases by 0.1ml/h.


Accuracy ± 5%.


Bubble Detector Ultrasonic detection method: bubbles are detected about 25µl.


Occlusion warning value It can be divided into three ranges as follows,

High (H) 900mmHg ± 200mmHg (120kPa ± 26.7kPa).

Center (C) 500mmHg ± 100mmHg (66.7kPa ± 13.3kPa).

Low (L) 100mmHg ± 50mmHg (13.3kPa ± 6.6kPa).


Bolus Rate 600ml/h ~ 1000ml/h, adjustable.


KVO Rate: Minimum 0,1ml/h ~ 5ml/h, adjustable.

flow to keep vein open


Supply Voltage AC: 110V~ to 230V~, 50Hz/60Hz. DC: 12V-5A.


Built-in battery Ni-Mh, 12Vdc, 2300mAh, recharge-cycle is up to 500 times.

Operating time of the battery: With the fully charged battery, the infusion pump can operate continuously for more than 5 hours

at a rate of 25ml/h.


Power 40VA.


Class Class I and internaly powered supply.


Electrical shock protection Type CF.


Operation Mode Continuous.


Specification of IV set 20 drop/ml or 60 drop/ml.


Telecommunication link SN-1500H: RS-232.


Historical Records You can store historical records of more than 1500 infusions made.


Work environment Operating Conditions:

        Temperature: from +5ºC to +40ºC.

        Relative Humidity: from 20% to 90%.

        Atmospheric Pressure: from 645mmHg (86kPa) to 795mmHg (106kPa).

Storage Conditions:

        Temperature: from -5ºC to +55ºC.

        Relative Humidity: from 0% to 95%.

        Atmospheric Pressure: from 500mmHg (66.7kPa) to 797mmHg (106.3kPa).


Waterproof degree IPX4 – Offers protection from a splash of water in any direction.


Weight 2.5Kg (with clamp base).





· Quality Standard:

   - ISO9001 (certificate).

   - ISO13485 (certificate).

   - Disp. A.N.M.A.T. 3266/2013: B.P.F.

   - Disp. A.N.M.A.T. 2319/02.


· Safety Standard: 

   - IEC 60601-1 (Eq. IRAM 4220-1 and IEC 601-1).

   - IEC 60601-1-2 (EMC).

   - IEC 60601-2-24 (Infusion Pumps).





· 1 AC power cord.

· 1 User Manual.



Infusion Pump.pdf