PACE Model 203 Dual Chamber (DDD) Temporary Cardiac Pacemaker OSYPKA

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    The PACE Model 203 Dual Chamber (DDD) Temporary Cardiac Pacemakeris designed for safe and dependable temporary stimulation of the heart for peri/postoperative pacing and/or therapy for conduction defects and rhythm disturbances.

    • Intuitive dial interface allows for fast and easy access to stimulation and sensitivity settings for the atrium and ventricle.
    • High Rate funtion provides rapid atrial stimulation of up to 1,000 ppm (adjustable while applying rapid atrial stimulation).
    • Just one button push to automatically measure atrial/ventriuclar rates and intervals, P/R wave amplitudes and AV interval.
    • Statistical recording and analysis of pacer activity.
    • Standard 9 V alkaline battery provides an average of 240 hrs of continuous operation.
    • 2 year warranty.

    • Myocardial heartwires for temporary pacing (unipolar, bipolar, and quadripolar)
    • Transvenous pacing leads for minimally invasive temporary pacing applications
    • Extension cables for temporary pacing leads

    Dimensions: 212 mm x 96 mm x 51 mm(8.3” x 3.8” x 2.0”).
    Weight 490 g (17.28 oz) including battery
    Battery Alkaline: 240 hrs (9.0 V)
    Basic Rate 30 - 220 ppm
    High Pacing Rate 70 - 1000 ppm
    Stimulation Amplitude 0.1 - 18 V
    Pulse Width 0.05 - 1.5 ms
    Sensitivity Atrium: 0.02 - 20 mV
    Ventricular: 1.0 - 20 mV
    Refractory Period 250 ms
    Runaway Protection 200 ppm
    Pacing Modes:
    - Primary: DDD, VVI, AAI, VDD
    -Supplementary: D00, V00, A00, DVI


    Documentación de Marcapasos externo temporal bicameral Osypka modelo PACE-203:

    Ver manual de uso
    Descargar certificado ANMAT

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