Aggregate of FiO2 module for LCD Multiparametric Monitor

If you are interested in buying the module, we suggest that you send us the equipment serial number beforehand to ensure compatibility and verify that the module can be added to your equipment. When purchasing this module you must send the equipment to the factory to make the corresponding modifications.

Hotkey to record command.
High resolution thermal array printer.
Recorder speed: 25 mm/s.
Recorded in real time up to 2 selectable waveforms between ECG, RESP, IBP, SpO2 and CO2 waveform.
Prints the table of cardiac output measurement and the waveform of blood temperature, during the injected.
Prints the header with date and time.
Print values of Sweep Speed, Lead, Gain, Respiratory Rate, Heart Rate, Systolic, Diastolic and Mean Pressure, SpO2 and Pulse Rate, EtCO2, FiCO2 and Respiratory Rate (CO2), according recorded waveform.

Measurement of EtCO2, FiCO2 and Respiratory Rate.
Range: CO2, from 0 to 100 mmHg (0% to 13%).
Respiratory Rate, 4 to 150 1/min.
Accuracy: CO2, ±3%ABS.
Resolution: CO2, 1 mmHg.
Respiratory Rate, 1 1/min.
Alarm: FiCO2, EtCO2 minimum and maximum, 0 to 100 mmHg and off.
Respiratory Rate minimum and maximum, 0 to 150 1/min and off.
Measurement of expired and inspired O2: from 0% to 100%, Resolution: 1%.
Measurement of N2 O: from 0% to 100%.
Automatic detection and measurement of up two anesthetic gases: Halothane, Enflurane,
Isoflurane, Sevoflurane and Desflurane.
- Range: 0% to 30%.
- Accuracy: ±8%REL.
- Resolution: 0.1%.
Flowrate: 70 to 120 ml/min for neonatal patients.
120 to 250 ml/min for adult patients.

Tubing straight airway adapter for sidestream capnography Feas Electrónica, quantity 2.
2.4 m CO2 samplig lines for sidestream capnography Feas Electrónica, quantity 2.
Water trap for use in sidestream capnography with anesthetic gases, quantity 2.
Galvanix oxygen sensor, quantity 1.
Roll of Thermal paper of 50mm x 25m, quantity 1.

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