Aggregate of SpO2 module for LCD Multiparametric Monitor

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If you are interested in buying the module, we suggest that you send us the equipment serial number beforehand to ensure compatibility and verify that the module can be added to your equipment. When purchasing this module you must send the equipment to the factory to make the corresponding modifications.

Plethysmographic waveform, display of oxygen saturation (SpO2).
Measurement signal low perfusion and motion.
- SpO2:
Range: 0% to 100%
Adult precision: 2% from 70% to 100%.
Neonate precision: 3% from 70% to 100%.
Motion precision: 3% from 70% to 100%.
Resolution: 1%.
Alarm: 0% to 100% and off.
Initial alarm: 85%.
- Pulse rate:
Range: 20 to 300 1/min.
Adult precision: ±3 1/min.
Neonate precision: ±3 1/min.
Motion precision: ±5 1/min.
Resolution: 1 1/min.
Alarm: 20 to 300 1/min and off.
Waveform gain adjustment x1/2, x1 and x2.

SpO2 sensor, quantity 1.
SpO2 extension cable, quantity 1.

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