Multifunction foot control Feas Electrónica

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    Multifunction pedal, consisting of three silicone rubber buttons for the Micromotor Fisiodispenser for dental implantology with which the pump, the direction of rotation and the passage through the different functions can be manipulated.
    · Hands-free equipment to control and manage programs.
    · Heavy multi-function pedal for good stability.
    · Main control: controls the motor in progressive (linear) mode or can be programmed to operate in on / off mode.
    · Function: Pressing it once toggles from one function to another. Holding it down, navigates between the three programs for each function.
    · Direction of rotation: The micro motor has the possibility of reversing its rotation using the DIRECT / REVERSE button on the keyboard, or the "Direction of rotation" button on the pedal. The REVERSE direction is indicated on the display and by an audible tone.
    · Pump: by pressing once, it will turn on and off. By keeping the last selected stream. Holding tight increases the flow: off, on 25%, on 50%, on 75%, on 100%, off. This is represented on the screen by 1, 2, 3 or 4 drops.

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