Infrared Thermometer NewTop, model BZ-R6

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    - Digital forehead thermometer with non-contact infrared technology.
    - Easy to use. Measure temperature simply and quickly with the push of a button. The measurement time is less than 1 second.
    - It has a sound fever alert (≥ 37.8ºC).
    - Ideal for measuring the temperature in adults, children and babies. It can also measure the temperature on surfaces of objects and liquids. The measurement range in people is from 32ºC to 42.9ºC and the range on surfaces is from 0ºC to 100ºC.
    - Accurate measurement. Ideal for taking body temperature with a minimum margin of error (± 0.2º).
    - LCD screen illuminated in three colors: green, orange and red.
    - Safe and hygienic. Ideal for home and professional use.
    - Ability to save up to 32 records in its memory.
    - Automatic shutdown after 15 seconds.

    Name: Infrared thermometer.
    Model: BZ-R6
    Non-contact measurement.
    Measuring distance: 3-15cm.
    Measurement time: ≤0.5s
    Audible fever alert (≥ 37.8ºC)
    Measurement range on surfaces: from 0 to 100ºC
    Measurement range in people: 32-42.5ºC (89.6-108.5ºF)
    - Within the range 35-42ºC: ± 0.2ºC
    - Outside the range 32-42.9º: ± 0.3ºC
    Measurement units: ºC / ºF
    Memory for the last 32 measurements
    Illuminated LCD screen in three colors: green, orange and red.
    Automatic shutdown: 15 seconds.
    Weight: 142 gr.
    Dimensions: 170 x 95 x 45 mm

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