Technical Service FAQ

We always recommend that you send as much information as possible about the fault, with photos or a video or a good description and information regarding the conditions in which the fault occurs. This will allow us to respond much faster and prevent the equipment from coming to be repaired unnecessarily.

When you contact us and report that the equipment has a fault, we will ask you two things: that you send the serial number of the equipment and that you send us: photos or a video of the fault and any other information that could be relevant to understand what it happens to the equipment (example: it fails after several hours of use, a particular parameter fails). This information is requested since with this we can know if the equipment should come to technical service or if on the contrary it can be repaired remotely.

If you indicate that the equipment must come to technical service, send us the equipment, and with the equipment we will proceed to carry out a diagnosis of the failure with which we will make a budget. If you approve it, we will proceed with the steps to carry out the repair, otherwise, the equipment is returned free of charge.

Unfortunately we cannot, without seeing the equipment it is very difficult to know what needs to be repaired. What we will do is: start the repair only with your consent. How does it work? We will diagnose the failure and define what you must do to the equipment so that it is working correctly, based on that we will give you a budget with the details of the tasks to be carried out and you will tell us whether or not you accept the budget. The repair will be carried out only if you accept the estimate, otherwise the equipment will be returned free of charge.

No, the diagnosis and the realization of the budget are free of charge. Only if you accept the repair estimate, we will charge you for it.

We always recommend that you do so and provide us with the information of the company you are shipping through and the shipping guide, so that we can leave a record in our system and follow up with the team. We want to ensure that the team arrives. 

Not necessarily, we always ask you to previously send photos or a video with the failure to be analyzed by our team of experts and that they tell us whether or not it is recommended that the team come.

That will depend on each repair, but in the budget we will always indicate the estimated time.

We will inform you when we deliver the budget. Just as a mechanic does not quote you until you see the car when it breaks down, with the equipment it is also necessary to see them before giving a price

If the equipment were a patient, it would be what allows us to access the “medical history” of the patient, which in our case is the technical file with the factory configuration of the equipment. This allows us to give you personalized responses and better service.

Do you repair equipment not sold by you?

Yes, below we show a list of the equipment that we repair
regardless of the brand:
• Softener
•Pacemaker analyzer
• Pacemaker threshold analyzer
• Counterpulsation balloon
• Enteral feeding pump
• Extracorporeal circulation pump
• Infusion pump• Capnograph• Central monitoring
• AED automated external defibrillator• Defibrillator
• Electrosurgical unit• Electrocardiograph
 Cardiac stimulator• Sterilizing oven
• Temporary external pacemaker
• Physiodispenser micromotor for dental implantology
• EKG monitor• Cardiac output monitor
• Non-invasive pressure monitor
• Multi-parameter monitor
 •Pulse oximeter
• Hemodynamic polygraph
• Electrophysiology polygraph
• Dental implant drill

This is very important to avoid extra damage to the equipment. Unfortunately, many computers break because they are not properly packaged. If you have the original packaging, use it, as it is designed to prevent the equipment from being damaged during the trip. If you do not have it, please make sure that the equipment is firmly inside the box and covers the empty spaces to avoid that something sharp pierces the box and reaches the equipment, generating scratches, tears or bumps.

It is important that you send the accessories, to check them too, because sometimes they are the ones that cause the failures. We recommend that you always send the equipment with all the accessories, but if you have questions or need the accessories, please consult.

Can you give me a piece of equipment on loan?

In critical situations we can provide you with a loan kit while the repair is being carried out. This equipment must be returned upon completion of the repair..

 The two addresses where we receive equipment are:

Córdoba: Av Colón 5760, Córdoba, Córdoba, X5003DFP, Argentina. 

Buenos Aires: Suipacha 72, 4º B, C.A.B.A, Buenos Aires, Argentina (By appointment).

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