PACE-101 Single Chamber Cardiac Pacemaker OSYPKA

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    The PACE 101 single-chamber cardiac pacemaker has the reputation of a legendary workhorse - easy to operate, very durable and light weight. It is intended for temporary atrial or ventricular pacing and supports synchronous (VVI, AAI) and asynchronous (V00, A00) operating modes.

    -Basic stimulation frequency up to 180 ppm.
    -Large rotating dials for stimulation frequency, sensitivity, amplitude and pacing mode.
    -Rapid atrial pacing up to 720 ppm.
    -Long battery lifetime: up to 38 days of operation with a single 9V Alkaline battery.
    -Four rotational dials for setup up stimulation frequency, amplitude, sensitivity, and pacing mode.
    -Sensed intrinsic activity and paced pulses are indicated optically by a light-emitting diode (LED). Additionally, acoustic signals for sensing and pacing events can be switched on and off.
    -Automatic surveillance of battery charge condition. Low battery status is indicated optically by a separate LED labeled 'Low Batt./Error' and acoustically by a warning beep.
    -Internal error detection. A device error or defect is indicated by a separate LED labeled 'Low Batt./Error'.
    -Run-away protection. The stimulation frequency is limited to a maximum of 180 ppm.
    -Protective cover of dials. A protective cover safeguards against accidental changes to the device settings.
    Protected terminals in combination with the Series XI Extension Cables ensure touch-proof connection of pacemaker and pacing lead system.

    - Dimensions: 6 cm x 11.5 cm x 2.2 cm.
    - Weight: 170 g (battery included).
    - Alkaline battery: 38 days (72 ppm, 8V).
    - Basic stimulation range: 30-180 ppm.
    - Rapid stimulation range: basic range x2 or x4 (up to 720 ppm).
    - Stimulation amplitude: 0.3 - 12 V.
    - Pulse width: 0.75 ms.
    - Sensitivity: 1.0 mV at 20 mV, asynchronous.
    - Refractory period: 250 ms.
    - Protection against uncontrolled running: 200 ± 10 [1 / min].
    - Ways of marcapaseo: VVI, VOO, AAI, AOO.

    - Extension cable.
    - User's manual.
    - Arm Strap.
    - Plastic equipment bag.

    Myocardial heartwires for temporary pacing (unipolar, bipolar)•
    Transvenous pacing leads for minimally invasive temporary pacing applications•
    Extension cables for temporary pacing leads

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    Documentation of Cardiac Pacemaker OSYPKA Single Chamber Model PACE-101:

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