Monthly rent - Peristaltic infusion pump model SN-1800V

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    Infusion pump of volumetric type with peristaltic perfusion system that accepts universal type set. Comprehensive and effective solution to optimize infusion therapy in all the units of the Hospitals and Health Centers.

    • Great quality. Easy to use. Menu in English.
    • It has a simple system to calibrate different sets of infusion and can be recorded up to 12 calibrations for different sets.
    • It has a vertical structure with an effective prevention against the entry of liquids. It can be hung from the serum support or placed on a table or car.
    • High accuracy, due to an intelligent pulsating compensation made by a double micro-processed unit, resulting in a constant flow of high precision infusion.
    • It has six types of infusion mode: Speed mode, Drip mode, Body Weight mode, Time mod, Infusion Plan and Drug Library or Drug Mode.
    • Contains drip sensor.
    • Contains ultrasonic bubble sensor, high sensitivity.
    • It contains a pressure sensor that allows adjustment of 10 levels of occlusion pressure.
    • High definition screen, allows the on-screen display of the controlled / running function.
    • Illuminated alarm panel (up to 12 alarms). Interface for nurse call.
    • Record of 1500 historical events.

    The following features and functions contribute to make the patient's treatment more pleasant:
    • When the pump door is opened, in a dark environment, a light is switched on automatically that allows changing the set or working on the infusion pump without turning on the ambient light.
    • Silent operation and without vibrations, because it is equipped with a high quality motor.
    • External DC power supply input, also works with 12Vdc input.
    • Easy to transport due to its small size and weight.
    • Interface USB.

    Specification of IV set: 20 drops/ml or 60 drops/ml.

    Infusion flow rate:
    • Set IV of 20 drops/ml: 0.1ml/h ~ 1500ml/h.
    • Set IV of 60 drops/ml: 0.1ml/h ~ 1500ml/h.
    • When the speed is between 1ml/h ~ 99.9ml/h, the infusion flow rate is changed from 0.1ml/h.
    • When the speed is above 100ml/h, the infusion flow rate is changed from 1ml/h.
    • Accuracy: ± 5%.

    Bubble Detector:
    Ultrasonic detection method: bubbles are detected above 25μl.

    Occlusion pressure value:
    • Ten adjustable levels, with an error of ± 50mmHg or ± 25% (6.6KPa).
    • Adjustment range: from 100mmHg (13.3KPa) to 900mmHg (120KPa).
    Flow rate of the Purge Bolus:
    • Adjustable between 5ml/h ~ 1000ml/h.
    Kvo rate (to maintain permeable route):
    • Adjustable minimum flow between 1ml/h ~ 5ml/h.

    Built-in battery:
    • Ni-Mh, 12 Vdc, 2300 mAh, the recharge cycle can be repeated up to 500 times.
    • Operating time of the battery: with the battery fully charged, it can run continuously for more than 6 hours at a speed of 5ml/h.

    Operation mode: Continuous.

    Protection against the ingress of liquids: IP32.

    Historical records:
    You can store the historical records of more than 1500 infusions made.

    Communication link: SN-1800V: RS-232.

    • Supply voltage: 100V ~ to 240V ~ / 50Hz or 60Hz or 12Vdc external.
    • Maximum power: 28 VA.
    • Classification: class I and internally powered.
    • Protection against electric shocks: Type CF.

    Work environment:
    • Operating conditions:
    Ambient temperature: + 5ºC to + 40ºC.
    Relative humidity: 20% to 90%.
    Atmospheric pressure: 645mmHg (86kPa) to 795mmHg (106kPa).
    • Storage conditions:
    Ambient temperature: -20ºC to + 55ºC.
    Relative humidity: 0% to 95%.
    Environmental pressure: 375mmHg (50kPa) to 795mmHg (106kPa).

    Weight: 1,8Kg.

    Dimensions: 129mm x 130mm x 215mm (Width x Length x Height).

    1 Power cable to line.
    1 user manual.

    • Certified Quality Standard:
    ISO 13485.
    Disp. A.N.M.A.T. 3266/2013: B.P.F.
    Disp. A.N.M.A.T. 2319/02.
    • Safety Standard:
    IEC 60601-1 (Eq IRAM 4220-1 and IEC 601-1- Req.
    IEC 60601-1-2 (Electromagnetic Compatibility).
    IEC 60601-2-24 (Infusion Pumps).

    Do you use any brand of infusion set?
    Yes, the pump is not dependent on any brand of supplies. It is recommended that a silicone IV Set be used.

    Can it be used in animals?
    Yes, it can be used in animals.

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