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    Enteral nutrition pump, easy to use, suitable for the infusion of clinical enteral nutrients for example: patients with afagia.
    • Convenient:
    Transparent pump door, allows visibility of the infusion process.
    It operates silently and without vibrations thanks to its high quality motor.
    Visual and auditory alarms.
    Rinse function of the infusion set.
    Con fi guration of infusion time.
    • Compact:
    Elegant design of the flow line.
    Light weight: 1.3 kg.
    Easy to transport
    • Safe:
    Display of the operating status through its indicator.
    Programmable fl ow speed and preset volume.
    Its design provides an effective prevention against the entry of liquids.
    High definition screen, which allows to visualize the main configuration of the infusion process.
    Detection of the number of bubbles.
    • Smart:
    Intermittent feeding output, allowing to establish a period of pause so that the patient can swallow quietly.
    It has two modes of operation: Continuous mode and pulse mode.
    Stores 1500 historical records.
    USB connection
    Indication of the status of the power supply.
    Flow rate: 1 ml / h ~ 600 ml / h. Preset volume: 0 ml ~ 9999 ml. Total amount accumulated: 1 ml ~ 9999 ml. Accuracy: ± 5%.
    Bolus fl ow velocity: 3 adjustable levels: 200 ml / h, 400 ml / h, 600 ml / h.
    Automatic Calibration: This unique design can automatically adjust flow accuracy for different viscosity nutrition solutions.
    Occlusion pressure range: 500 ± 200 mmHg. Alarm volume: 3 levels.
    Keyboard sound: The sound of the key has 3 different levels or it can be muted.
    Historical record: Up to 1500 historical records can be stored.
    Supply voltage: 110 V ~ A 240 V ~ - 50 Hz or 60 Hz Built-in battery: Ni-Mh, 12 Vdc, 800 mAh.
    Operating time: with the battery fully charged, it can run continuously for 5 hours at a speed of 25 ml / h. Power consumption: 11 VA.
    Environmental operating conditions:
    - Ambient temperature: - 5 ºC to + 40 ºC.
    - Ambient humidity: 20% to 90%.
    - Environmental pressure: 76.0 kPa to 106.0 kPa. Protection against the entry of liquids: IPX4. Dimensions: 146 mm x 199.5 mm x 114 mm. Weight: 1.3 kg (with hanging support).
    Protection against electric shock: Type I, class CF.
    - Power cord.
    - User's manual.
    - Certi fi cate of quality.
    - Warranty card.

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