Monthly rent - Comen CM300 three channels electrocardiograph

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    CM300 is an Electrocardiograph with an excellent value for money. It is equipped with a thermal printer and an LCD screen. You can view 3 leads simultaneously, print 12 complete leads in groups of 3, and store up to 300 records. Interpretation of results and subsequent printing that will help clinical diagnosis.

    Its battery life is approximately 2 hours, so it can be connected to the network or work with the battery itself.
    The built-in handle and low weight make it easy to transport. The CM300 is highly recommended because it provides great advanced features at a very low price.

    Optional PC software allows you to save all records to PC via USB flash drive, print to common printer, archive as PDF, etc.

    • Intended to be used in medical institutions such as mobile units.
    • Lightweight, robust, compact and transportable, with handle incorporated into the cabinet.
    • On-screen display of the electrocardiogram, resolution screen 320 x 240 pixels.
    • It contains analysis and diagnostic software.
    • Introduction of patient data: name, gender, age, weight, height.
    • Digital filtering technology: high precision filter to eliminate interferences of various types and decrease to the deviation of the base line.
    • Manual and automatic derivation selection mode.
    • Heart rate measurement by selected derivation.
    • Printing of three channels or three channels plus heart rate. Various printing formats.
    • Thermal printer with 80 mm paper, with selectable print speed and duration.
    • Visual alarms for lack of paper, low battery and cable disconnection.
    • Storage of 300 ECG records.
    • Safe design: ECG amplifier referred to ground, for total patient and operator safety.
    • Rechargeable battery with 2 hours of autonomy.
    • Optional: connection to data network.

    1 Power cable.
    1 patient cable with 10 clips.
    6 Chest electrodes.
    4 Limb electrodes.
    1 Cylinder for paper.
    1 Thermosensitive paper roll.
    1 Cable to ground.

    • Certified Quality Standard:
    Disp. A.N.M.A.T. 3266/2013: B.P.F.
    Disp. A.N.M.A.T. 2318/02.
    CE certification
    • Safety rules:
    IEC 60601-1 (Eq IRAM 4220-1 and IEC 601-1- Req.
    IEC 60601-1-2 (Electromagnetic Compatibility).
    IEC 60601-1-4 (Programmable Medical Devices).
    IEC 60601-2-25 (ECG).
    IEC 60601-2-51 (ECG registration).

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